Sunday, July 22, 2012


They're soft, they're comfy, they're cozy, and warm. Scare Jack Frost away with this easy to make scarf.
steps below:
First cut fleece 9'' wide and 60'' long.
Next trim off the salvages.
Last snip 3'' tall and 1'' wide fringes.

A Shrug is a comfy and gorgeous item to add to your outfit , and it's fun when you make it yourself.
Steps to follow:
First cut 1/2yd of fleece.
Next trim the salvages.
Now use a yard stick to measure where your buttons will be.
The first button is 2'' from the end, the rest are 4'' apart.
Then hand sew the buttons on.
Use about 15 buttons.
Last you snip your button holes to match.

One more option is to cut fringe.
Cut it the same as the scarf.

This shrug can be 3 THINGS!
It can be a scarf,
it can be a shawl
a shrug!

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